At MOHALA GREY, we strive to represent the tapestry of cultures encompassing our world. As a fashion brand, we transcend colour, culture, and size barriers through our uniquely designed pieces. Our name, which combines a Hawaiian term signifying growth and flourishing with a representation of the vast spectrum of colours, races, and cultures embodies our mission.


An exquisite fusion of Akan and Ila, blending Ghanaian and Yoruba motifs. AKANLA was created using two motifs obtained from the Duafe comb and Ila. The DUAFE comb is seen as a symbol of feminity amongst the Akan women of West Africa, particularly the Ghanaians.  ILA, lines drawn on people’s faces as a symbol of identification and additional beauty amongst the Yorubas of Nigeria.
Maka, Hawaiian for face, captures our global inspirations. This print shows the bold silhouette of a woman’s face amidst interesting colours.
BLOOM PRINT - Embodying the essence of Mohala using floral motifs in different expressions.