At MOHALA GREY, we strive to represent the tapestry of cultures encompassing our world. As a fashion brand, we transcend colour, culture, and size barriers through our uniquely designed pieces. Our name, which combines a Hawaiian term signifying growth and flourishing with a representation of the vast spectrum of colours, races, and cultures embodies our mission.


AKANLA is a fusion of West African culture, incorporating elements from both Ghanaian and Yoruba cultures. It beautifully combines the symbolism of the Duafe comb, representing femininity, Ila, signifying tribal identity and beauty, laponle motifs found in Adire art, and cowrie shells representing womanhood, fertility, birth, and wealth. This print serves as a celebration of the cultural richness embedded within these traditions.
Maka, deriving from the Hawaiian term for 'face', embodies the wide-ranging inspirations we draw from across the globe. This print beautifully portrays the bold silhouette of a woman's face amidst a captivating array of colors.
By infusing floral patterns in diverse expressions, this design embodies the essence of "Mohala," representing growth and flourishing. It stands as a universal emblem, extending a warm welcome to individuals from all walks of life, making it an ideal choice for everyone.